DMiP Task 4 – Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Having covered some of the Final Cut Pro techniques yesterday, the basic operating of the program was still fresh in my mind.  The first DMiP lecture on FCP filled in a hell of a lot of gaps in my knowledge however.

Before today I had never exported a movie out of Final Cut Pro, but I was surprised and delighted to find how easy it was to be.  The settings where easy to understand once I was shown where they where, and they all make sense as opposed to settings on other programs (such as Maya). 


The Compression type of H.264 means nothing to me other than that it works, but other than that this menu was easy to understand and simply laid out.
The export settings menu also made complete sense once it had been found.  Setting the resolution to this format also made sense for exporting.


I had already worked out how to slice a clip up for editing, however adding text and other effects to the timeline was very new to me.  I thoroughly enjoyed editing the clips in the timeline to give the movie I wanted to create.

This is a screen shot of my clip library, full of clips unorganized and named almost completely irrelevantly.  Richard did explain how to create bins, which to my mind are exactly the same as folders on your desktop.  Next project I plan on using these devices, however I had already completed this film before I learnt about them.

This was the information about my finalized movie file.  As requested it shows the correct resolution and codec, as well as a perfectly manageable 110mb in size.


Learning the basic aspects of Final Cut Pro has diffused a lot of the anger I felt towards the program for the last few days.  Having tried to get the movie off of the tape for about 4 hours and failing is not conducive to a healthy working Alex.  However now that a lot of my confusion has been cleared up I really look forward to working on a few films of my own.




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