Creative Computing 5 – Layers


This lecture in creative computing we where taught the basics of layer usage.  Once again this is a topic well known to me, however the lecture did give me a chance to brush up on my technique, as well as bringing some completely new ideas to me in the form of half tone work.

Our in lecture project was to create a montage of several images, using the layers to organise them properly as well as the layer blending options. We also had to use Photoshop increadibly powerful auto align layers feature.  This too was new to me as I have been working on CS2 for several years now, and the tool is new in for CS3.

Following the workbook this was my final outcome for this in lecture workshop.

Auto Layer Align

This next tool was very impressive, and my outcome was easily achieved and very nicely created.  The tool allows the linking of two layers, photos taken from the same position, one perhaps overly exposed, the other with unwilling children making faces.  The tool automatically aligns the photos and allows you to delete the top layer to remove the children looking away, while keeping the exposure settings the same as the first layer.


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