Film Studies Lecture 1 – Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

Lecture one in Hollywood Cinema studies required us to watch and analyse the classic film Citizen Kane.  Previous to Friday I had never seen the film, however was aware of it’s cult status.

Citizen Kane was arguably Orson Wells finest film.  It received world wide renown, and was both a massive hit during it’s release and today.  Not only did Welles direct the film, but also played the main character, Charles Foster Kane.  Other actors include William Alland, Ray Collins and Joesph Cotten.

It is fairly well known that William Randolph Hearst was the major influence behind the character Kane.  It is also fairly well known that he hated the film and tried to get it benched, unsuccesfully.

After hearing Citizen Kane dubbed as the best movie of all time, I must admit I was expecting more from watching it.  I realise that having to contend with its own fame, it could be dissapointing to watch simply because it has been overly hyped up, however I found the storyline rather dull anyway.  Having said that the camera work and music is exceptional, and allthough I personally wouldn’t have labeled it so highly, I would say it is a fantastic piece of art, if a film can be art.

My Own Opinion

Allthough my own opinion matters little to anyone with any film experience, I would like to share it anyway.  Citizen Kane is a good film.  I have spent a long time thinking about why it is and isn’t but in the end I would say that from a cinematic point of view it is fantastic.  Citizen Kane is well shot, artfully finished and fantastically different in story content, however as a film I think it is left wanting.


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