Creative Computing 1 – Getting to know the workspace

Photoshop 101

The first real lecture of my indentureship at Lampeter University,  Photoshop 101 as it where.

I have been using Photoshop for several years now, so while I found a lot of what we covered in Creative Computing 1, I was mostly self taught so it was fantastic to have a professional user fill in any holes in my knowledge and technique, especially given that the professional user was Trevor, as he really knows his stuff.

The first lecture focused on getting to know the workspace.  We explored tools such as the seclection marquees, the transform basics and even a slight touch on curves.  The first image we created was a simple image adjustment to create a spot light effect on a coin, bringing it into the foreground and shunting others back.

As you can see the process of creating a focus of one coin above the rest gives an interesting image.

The next image we where to create involved us exploring the Type tool.  A simple enough operation but one vitally important to most images.

Although I personally do not like this image, I can understand its use in showing different types and it gives experience in creating type using Photoshop.

This lectures final task was to explore the brush tool and the history pallet.  This final operation was spliced with a touch of creativity as we could creative either an incredibly dull, or gaudy tie, depending on the mood.

As you can see by my attempt at this task, I opted for gaudy in the form of a car crash.  Charming.


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