Creative Computing 3 – Retouching and Repairing

Retouching and Repairing, more simple on Photoshop than in Real Life.

This lecture, as shown by the title was about repairing certain flaws in an image, whether it be unwanted man made items in the background as was the case with one of the images I edited this day, or simply an imperfection in the skin.

Before I talk about the work I did today I would like to take some time to talk about processional air brushing in glamour magazines and the ethics behind this.  It is wrong.  That is as simple as I can put it, not only does it detract from the skill of the photographer, but it adds to the ‘unattainable’ stature of most celebrities and models.  It also causes the more susceptible amongst the general populous to aspire to the tiny waists, the huge pouting lips and the almost whore like way of holding and dressing ones self in public.  There are servere repocusions from such portrayal of celbrities, and society is only just begining to see this.

Bill Bailey said “There is more evil in the charts these days that an Al-Qaeda suggestion box”.  I fervently believe that this is the truth, music used to be about ugly people with incredible musical talent, since when was it about sex?  Knowing that these celebrities have on-site Photoshoppers to make sure any photo of them is perfect, makes me sick and a little jealous as I am sure they get paid better than almost any job I will hold down.  Brittany Spears, Cheryl Cole, Christina Aguilera .  I may begin using these words as curses.

Anyway I diverge.

The clone tool, the spot healing and healing brush, and the patch tool.  These marvelous tools built into photoshop can do almost any amount of repair work you could want on an array of image types.  The fiddely organic mess of a garden, the stark boldness of a mountain and the soft lines of a face, these three images where given to me to edit in a display of the power given by the patch tools in Photoshop.

These three images show the power of the patch tools in Photoshop, for their ability to smooth out and repair and image.


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