Creative Computing 2 – Basic Photo Correction

Photography Correction for the Camera Inept

This lecture was a blessing to me as I had previously had little experience in cleaning up a photo, only scanned image.  I struggle with taking photos as my eyes are near useless when it comes to determining a good shot, and my hands shake like a nervous schoolboy’s confronted with close quarter female contact!  However, for the photo inept such as I, Photoshop has some wonderful tools, allowing those allergic to sunlight (yours truly) to stay indoors, glowing by the light and radiation given off by a life times computer attachment, to create photo masterpieces (using stock photos where necessary).

Our task this day required us to explore some of Photoshops most useful tools.  Among these where the crop tool, the shadows and highlights adjustments as well as auto colour and the incredibly powerful levels box(although if it where I that created the levels tool, I would have thought of a better name).    We also explored the colour replacement tool, a fairly new feature to Photoshop but one powerful enough to quell any comments about it being long overdue.  We then finally finished the image off by sponging in some highlights were they where need, and comparing the two to the auto correction facility in Photoshop.  Mine was better in my humble opinion (although the time it took me to do this image I would hope so.  Besides the difference in quality between my attempt and Photoshop’s was negligible compared to the difference in time).



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