DMiP Lecture 6 – Non Diegetic Sound

Adding Sound

This week I was tasked with adding non diegetic sound to a piece of video, creating a scene and narrative while using no diegetic sound.  This was an interesting piece to do as we where given the Lampeter University sound library to use, as well as any free sound effects we could download, and it allowed me to experience the beginnings of sound editing, a subject which I hold quite dear to myself.

This piece of video was taken from stock footage that Richard Jackson and Chris Carbin had shot specially for this lecture.  We where able to take about a miniutes worth from a choice of 5 different scenes and then edit the sound into them apropriatly.  I chose for a simple pan shot of some of the welsh countryside and desided to make it a bit more temparate by adding in various creature calls and thunder storms.

I did this simply because I have always liked the idea of isolation that jungle/forests can give from society, which is probably quite anti social but there it is.


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