Creative Computing 6 – Channels and Masks

Masks and Channels

This week we were tasked with learning about creating and manipulating masks and using channels with masks to edit an image.

We began by painting a mask using quick mask mode onto the Buddha to allow us to change that selection into a channel.  This was fairly time-consuming as the statue had some fairly detailed bits that required high zoom work.

I then refined the mask and turned it into a selection.

I then pasted the image and the masked channel onto another background, the one that will be used for the final image.

Next thing was to select the cyan channel of the background, duplicate it and then apply a curves effect to it to get as much contrast between the black and white as possible.  I did this because I was going to use the contrasting layer as a mask for viewing outside of a window, and creating the mask to do this would allow me to move an image around behind it into the correct position, instead of just using the selection and delete tools.

This is what my mask looked like on top of the background image and the image I was going to use for outside.

I then pasted in window panels and moved the image around into the correct perspective and added a paned glass effect into the space between the panels.

I then pasted in another image and applied a mosaic gallery effect to it as well as an alpha gradient mask from let to right.  I also added in some sandpaper to frame the image.

Lastly I added in some text and repeated the sandpaper effect on the bottom of the page, as well as putting the Bhudda statue in over the top of the mosaic imagery.

This is the final image.


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