Creative Computing – Image Processing Coursework

Creative Computing Coursework

For my image processing coursework I decided to touch up and change some of the tattoos on a models body.  I scanned in this image and spent about 20 hours fiddling and being annoyed at not getting the result I wanted.

This is the original image.

This is my final edited image.  The edits I performed where to remove most the stars on the models stomach and to touch up the models moles and areas around the stars that I touched up.  I also added colour to the stars that I did not remove, as well as adding some more to the models chest.  I also added two completely different tattoos, the bomb on the models chest and the serpent on the models side.

I felt that the image could have been finished more effectively and cleanly as there was certain areas of the image that I wasnt perfectly happy with, however in general I was quite pleased with the image and although I could have spent more time finishing it off I decided to end the work where I did to stop myself from obsessing over perfection.


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