Lecture 1 – Spaghetti Awesomeness!

Tower/Team Building

Our first lecture in DVP was intended to help our newly formed group interact with each other and, using a group based lateral thinking exercise, break the ice.  The exercise we were given was to create a structurally secure tower out of 20 pieces of spaghetti, one yard of string and a similar length piece of tape.  The tower had to support not only its own weight but the weight of a marshmallow, which would be placed after construction was complete, onto the highest point of the tower.  The groups were dished out all the required equipment and given a 20 minute time limit, and so we got to work.

Supported by a variety of awesome 80’s power music, my team and I quickly rocketed into action, with me sticking supports together in double lengths to attempt to gain height, Muzzy dealing with the complicated issue of Sellotape and Chris helping immeasurably by eating all the spaghetti.  With this team of awesome abilities we where almost destined to win the competition.  after making 4 double length struts for our tower, we heard the music change to Final Countdown and realised we had only a few minutes remaining, and so got a move on.

Unfortunately towards the end I began to realise that Chris had eaten far too much pasta to make our tower stable, and then disaster struck with one of the struts breaking in half, and so our tower fell in fire and ash, to never stand proud with its fellows.  Chris then ate the marshmallow, proclaiming that he was the tower and he stood approximately 6ft, however this was a disqualification and so we where out of the race.

Looking around we saw other towers looming over our pile of ash, some more stable than others, but irrelevant of whether the tower stood or fell, the exercise had made its point.  Throw a group of people together, set them a task and watch them work together toward a common goal.

After completing this task I went away and researched the idea myself, curious as to who came up with the concept of spaghetti tower building, and this is the video I found.


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