Lecture 5 – Pitching for a Film

Pitching an Idea for a Film

The time had come to pitch an idea for my group film project, but up until about a day before the presentation I still hadn’t decided which idea I wanted to pitch.

I had been thinking for a few weeks on ideas that I thought could work rather well, but where mostly relatively unfeasible, and as such was struggling to settle on one.

The criteria for the film was fairly restrictive, which was fairly demoralizing because I had high hopes for doing something mind blowing, however I was promised that in the second year the film project was not only less restrictive but was to be created individually, and as one of my main worries was about working with other people I was greatly reassured.  Having never worked on a group project where there were not very strict and set roles was one of my biggest issues as I could imagine the situation getting difficult with the possibility of no one really taking creative control or perhaps two people clashing greatly on ideas.  I had worked on some small film projects prior to coming to Lampeter, which worked fairly well because as a group we agreed that a hierarchy was needed and we set up a director as well as other roles such as editor, however I feel that having someone who has the final word on all decisions made working a lot easier.

The first idea I had was to create a music video, which in itself is a fairly simple idea, but I felt that as our time constraint was 5 minutes, and that most decent music videos are between 3 and 7 minutes I felt that I should at least consider it.  The major problem with this idea was trying to decide on a song that would produce interesting ideas, but also was owned by a producer that could be approached to obtain permission under a creative licence.  I had at first thought of trying to create a music video for a Frank Zappa song, The Muffin Man, however after doing a small amount of research I realised that to obtain the valid permissions to use and show any film with this song in it would be rather difficult, and as I am musical but not overly talented, writing my own song was out of the question, hence I decided to drop the music video idea.

Another idea I had came to me whilst playing with Lego.  I have always enjoyed Lego and it made me remember that most of my friends when younger also enjoyed it, so I presume it was a fairly popular toy of my generation.  I wanted to bring Lego into a film and make people remember the incredible detail they would put into Lego fantasy worlds when they where playing with it, as it seems to have lost some of its popularity since the games consoles took over as a large part of children’s entertainment.  I had the idea to create a Lego city and somehow put it in peril, as was the case in many of my Lego fantasies, however I needed a disaster or danger to attack the city.  The idea was easily found as I was feeding my pet tortoise.  Using him as a giant (not quite) rampaging monster, I could create a film that was humorous, exciting and surreal.  The tortoise would work well on other factors as well such as cuteness, making him in some ways the victim.

The Misunderstood Monster

The Towns Folk

This was the idea I decided to pitch, and after taking some photos of the tortoise and some Lego characters, and putting together a speech on what and why I was going to do, I gave my presentation.

I was initially nervous about giving the presentation, but that is just the wait up until the time, and I am usually fine after I begin talking.  I did not have a power point or similar presentation but I had photos and a fairly decent speech with what I felt was the right amount of detail on the right amount of topics.

I feel that the class responded well to me, much better than I had expected, and I found that getting a few laughs made me more confident and a bit more casual.  I was able to deal with questions confidently and provided what I felt was a good all round presentation, only really making a mistake at the end skipping some information I had planned on giving, however seeing as I had underestimated the amount of time my speech took, I ended instead of retracing my steps.

Taking charge of the presentation


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