All Along the Watchtower – Production Diary

Day 1

Seeing as I have a large amount of time over the next few months I wanted to get several personal projects on the go, beginning with a short film.  The reason for this is I really enjoyed producing the few pieces of moving image for Digital Video Production and I feel that I should try to improve on my skills, to which end I have decided to create a short video about a song, All Along the Watchtower.  During this time I have decided to keep a production diary, which will allow my process and mistakes to be read by me as a reminder of what not to do next time, and also by other people interested in doing the same thing, but unsure what to do in what order.

I decided to try to create a “music video” not only for the video but because I wanted a chance to record my own sound or music, and then experiment with creating a video around the music.  An issue with this is that I will need to learn how to play certain instruments such as a piano and saxophone in order to complete this task.

I plan on forming the music from three instruments, two of which I have already mentioned, and a bass guitar.  I feel that the piano being the versatile instrument that it is can deal with most of the tune, being backed up by the bass guitar, and I plan on keeping any vocals out of the music as I cannot sing to save my life!  This is the reason for the Saxophone, able to cope with being mostly silent but also capable of taking the spotlight when needed, I also have a personal love of the sound that it makes.

Having planned out a rough list of things that need to be done I am attempting to put some sort of order to this chaos, to which this list is what needs to be done, and in what order.

  • Secure or write (roughly) the sheet music for All Along the Watchtower
  • Find a Piano and someone who can teach me to play (roughly).
  • Dig the Saxophone out of its corner and overcome the embarrassment of playing the damn thing
  • Fix my Bass Guitar and re-condition my fingers to handle the strings.
  • Find Laurence Hall or another tutor so I can actually get a camera and microphone for recording.
  • Locate a suitable area to music recording, or book time in the recording studio.
  • Locate a suitable area for filming (Constitution Hill? Dartmoor? Trebarwith Strand?)
  • Drag the instruments out of the film location, missing rain wind and snow, then get the footage onto the Mac’s.
  • Editing Process for both film and music, probably over several days.

I feel that these are the basic steps I must take to complete my project, however many a hiccup along the way will ensue, so I have decided to keep the length of time this project will take me, starting from the finding of the piano.  I do this to hurry myself along and to give a realistic representation of how much time is required for this kind of project.

Wish me Luck!



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