Creative Computing – Principles of Design

Creative Computing Coursework 2

For my this, the second piece of Creative Computing coursework, I decided to create a poster for a fictional festival, named the Double Rainbow.  Being a fan of the Glastonbury festivals I decided that I would mimic their style of bright colours, vivid designs and hippy iconography.

Festival of the Double Rainbow…Obviously!

I decided to use a large vector rainbow in the design as it has both bright colours and a rather over used link to psychedelic drugs, also the camper van was just the next logical step in this.  Both of these I created in Photoshop with the pen tool, as I do not have a copy of Illustrator at hand to work with the vectors.  I then used one of the pre-set grass brushes in Photoshop to create a background layer of green and grass effects.  I then added the font, artists which are deceased to emphasize the fictional element to my poster, and chose a location which would suit the hippies which are magnetised by the prospect of drugs, music and nature.

All in all I was fairly happy with this result as bright and colourful gets my vote!


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