What The Agfa?

A Camera

So, I have an analogue camera.  Wonderfull, I thought I would write a bit about its history as it is a few years older than myself, however as I cracked open the internet, ready to inform myself about this wonderful piece of technology I faltered, unknown as it was to me then, the name that would elude me for at least an hour.

This certain camera is coated in a protective layer of names, words and numbers, in a bid to keep away the illiterate, and to prevent me from finding out its name.  However, in 1957-58, when this camera was made, Agfa obviously didn’t realise that by now Google’s image search would render their protective illiteracy field useless!

Super Silly-XL

The Agfa Super Silette-L

On a serious note, the Super Silette-L (Thank you Google) was made by German camera makers Agfa, as part of the Silette series.  The Super Silette-L was a 35mm fixed lens camera, with a viewfinder, range-finder and a selenium meter.

The Super Silette-L

Although I was daunted by this camera when I set eyes on it, I have grown to admire how much control it allows you when taking photos.  I suppose digital point and click cameras have made photography lazy, it was incredible to be able to manually shoot a photo, setting F-number and shutter speed and experimenting with different settings to create entirely new results from the same shot.

Curious as I was to find out how much the Super Silette was worth, I scouted the internet attempting to find one for sale, however it was some time before I found even one for sale.

I visited a website called The Camera house, which seems to sell vintage cameras in various conditions, and to my joy I found a single half working Silette-L with this description:

“Camera Super Silette-L c1953 with Color Solinar 50/f2.8 coated lens \ Synchro Compur shutter uncoupled exposure meter coupled range finder+case Exc++All OK-speeds 1/8 &1/15 nearly always work.speeds below tempremental due to lack of use”

This is on sale for £45, and considering it is only half working, the camera seems to have a fairly good price to its name, however as I was unable to find out its original value I am unable to compare.

For anyone wishing to buy this camera the website is here.

I also found two old Ebay pages, selling the Super Silette at 20 pounds, however it was not bought.  I personally think that 20 pounds for this camera is criminal and would expect 75 plus at the very least, simply because of its versatility.


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