Scene Remake CD Cover – The Disappearance of Glen Gair

Indesign Meets 1 4

The face of Ryan Wesley Wonfor (affectionately named 1 4) is everywhere today, after his début acting role in Alex Cooks, The Disappearance of Glen Gair, was a phenomenal success.  This piece was so successful in fact, that it has just been burnt onto a CD, and a cover for the CD case, has been added to the clear plastic of the CD case.  The film unfortunately was not successful enough to be burnt onto a DVD however.

After InDesign met 1 4, it protested at having to create something so simple as a CD cover. It tried to get me to invade Poland, however as usual I slayed its rebellions by stating that its arch enemy, Photoshop, could be used to do the exact same things, but with considerably more ease.  That put rest to any further protests, and so using the rules of CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity), I created a CD cover for the film.

I went for an abstract look to the CD cover for no reason other than I was trying to do something else, failed at that but got an interesting looking black and white image instead, which I kept because I liked, after all, sometimes creative accidents are for the best.

He probably just ran away from his oppressive father...


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