HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range

When referring to photography, High Dynamic Range or just HDR is a technique that allows the user to create an image with a larger dynamic range of luminance between light and dark areas of an image.  This creates images which are closer to what the Human eye can actually see in scene of high contrast.  It allows photographers to capture a much larger range of tonal detail, by taking multiple photographs and combining them together into a single photo inside Photoshop, creating a closer example of the world as seen through the eye.

So what you’re saying is, when you take a photo from in the shade, you can in fact take multiple photographs from that spot, mix them together and be able to see not only out in the sun, but also areas of detail in the shade too, unlike most photographs where you would get only an over or under exposed image.  I suppose that makes sense…

I am afraid that the actual technical information in how this is achieved is a bit beyond me, so I will just forward you to the Wikipedia page, which has all manner of numbers and sums written down about the subject.

In my travels around the internet, searching for information about HDR photography, I found this tutorial, which I followed, attempting to create a HDR image, however my final result was not as great as expected!  I followed the tutorial as closely as possible but I have never really had an eye for this sort of thing, regardless here is my resulting image.

My flat, looking flat.

I attempted to create an image that was as close to what I see as possible, unfortunately I did not get very close.  However this technique can be used to create some very creative results from a normal image.  These next images are a few I found on-line which I think look fantastic!

What an incredible sky!

I adore this next image for the reflections in the water, that crystal clear imaging on the top of water has always fascinated me.

Rather sky themed today

This final image is beautiful.  I doubt I need to say why.

Another sky, this time with added boats.

Finally here is the web address to a list of fantastic HDR images, and looking through them I couldn’t find one that didn’t fit the description.

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2 Responses to HDR Photography

  1. Try adjusting the strength and structure(texture) if that is available. See if that provides your flat with more of the look. Find me at http://www.facebook.com/hdrphotosafaris if you need more help.

    • Hey thanks very much for taking the time to read my blog! The help is much appreciated and thanks for the link to your Facebook page, as I plan on attempting more HDR in the future, in fact I believe I have a module on it next year!
      I did have a bit of a play with the image, however it may just be a bad image to work with?
      Anyway, thanks again!

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