Film Studies Lecture 4 – Rear Window

Rear Window

This, another of Hitchcock’s creations, is a film about voyeurism in the extreme, specifically designed to enrage your humble narrator, in the same way that photographers who only photo naked women enrage me.  Now i will concede that Man Rays  Le violon d’Ingres has certain artistic appeal, however the majority of it is pure voyeurism, and if I want to look at naked women, or stare through someone’s window, I’ll go and watch porn, or kick about in my neighbour’s garden until the police come.

Perhaps too much bum for my delicate sensibilities.

Now, Rear Window, a name which feels slightly sullied by a large bum sitting two lines above this sentence, was another James Stewart film, also starring Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter and Wendell Corey.

Dodgy name, attractive women, seedy guy with camera, all the major ingredients for an amateur pornography film.

Jeff (Stewart) is a professionally photographer, who while getting an incredible shot of a motor sports accident, broke his leg and is therefore confined to his flat. Bored out of his mind, he begins to spy on his neighbours, using eyes, camera lenses and eventually his girlfriend.  The flat is situated around a courtyard and so he can look into his neighbours flats, not knowing them personally he gives them all names to do with what they are, the newly weds for example.  Eventually however, he sees one of his neighbours acting suspiciously and eventually comes to the conclusion that he has killed his wife, and so, enlisting the help of his Nurse, Stella, and his girlfriend, Lisa, he attempts to solve the mystery of what happened.  This of course happens over the course of 2 hours, his girlfriend nearly gets killed, then arrested, his policeman friend gets annoyed with his meddling and eventually, he gets into a fight with the dreaded Thorwald and gets thrown out the window.

The Dreaded Thorwald! Everything about him screams, I've killed my wife and buried her in the communal garden.

Considering my personal dislike for voyeurism, I found the film very entertaining, and even hilarious at some points.  I even felt a small amount of sympathy for Stewart’s character while he fought, disabled, with a full-grown man, but perhaps that was because Thorwald just looks so evil.

Enjoy a trailer for the film!

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