VR Worx – Panoramas and Object Movies

VR Worx is a program specifically designed to create Panoramic movie clips.  By creating one of these movie clips and exporting the final result, Apples Quicktime can allow the user to look around the panoramic image by dragging the mouse.  An object movie can also be created in the same way, allowing the user to look around a static object.

I have created several Panoramic movies, using VR Worx, as well as two object movies.  I will now show the process of creating these panoramic movies, although it needs very little explanation as VR Worx is intuitive and nicely laid out.


Firstly you’re going to need a copy of VR Worx, which can be purchased for around £300 here, or you can get the free trial here, although you wont be able to export your final product in the demo version.

Luckily for me, my university have the full version and I was able to export my finished files.

VR Worx.

So the first step is to open the program, and depending one which type of file you want to create, Panoramic or Object Movie, create the correct scene.  I’m going to be creating a panoramic scene.


Once you have created your file, this window should appear.  The set-up tab allows you to set how many frames you want in your panoramic movie, as well as what lens was used and finally, the sweep of the movie itself, up to a maximum of 360 degrees if your movie is intended to be cylindrical.


The acquire tab allows you to choose which images you want to put into the movie, and also allows you to choose what location you want each image in, in relation to the others in the movie.  As you can see in the image above, I have chosen to have only eight images, and to travel only 270 degrees around, as my panorama doesn’t join up at both ends.


The Stitch tab is designed to line up all your images into a rough arrangement for your panoramic.  You can, in this window, adjust each image either up or down, depending on its auto alignment and your preferences, to get a better look.  Simply begin the process by hitting the build button.


The Blend tab, is where VR Worx blends all the images together into one big image, and allows you to view it as well.  This is simply done by pressing the build button at the side. You can also adjust the size using the resize tool.


The Compose tab is there for you to choose options of the end file, such as how many colours and what codec you wish to choose.  After the options are selected, hit the Build button again and VR Worx will build you a preview, which can be seen, in the preview tab!


This final window allows you to preview the final movie you have created, you can even drag the mouse around to move it.  You can adjust the final size of the image here, or just export it if you are done.

After you have done all this, you should have a finished movie!  Unfortunatly I was unable to upload the Panoramic final movie as WordPress doesn’t support Mov files, and when uploaded to Youtube, it suffered some odd formatting error, like so many others I have heard… However I was able to upload the object movies, and a full size PNG file of my Panoramic image.

Here are two object movies I created using the Object movie creator in VR Worx.

Here is the Panoramic image I promised!

Bontnewydd Day, the busiest day of the year.


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