Name – Invader Alex Cook

Age – 8391 days and counting

Early Years – After emerging from my vial and being shocked to life by the mother robotic arm I ventured out into Deep Space.  My pods power source had a half-life of a millennia but all too soon power began to fade, and I crash landed on this planet Erp or Erf of whatever its locals call it.  I found myself in a hellish place called Cornwall surrounded by its hideous inhabitants. I spent the next century there under the alias of William Adama, awaiting the time to expand my power base and prepare the Erp for conquest…

Interests and Hobbies – Science Fiction, Computer Games, Motorbikes, Global Conquest, Tortoise Husbandry, Robotic Engineering, Animation, 3D, Roller-Blading, Unified Feild Theory, Super Tensile Solids, Polymorphic Software, Nonlinear Mathermatics, Nanominiaturization and High Energy Chemistry.

Pastry based crafts are also a favourite of mine.

Bio – (mechanoid) After leaving the body of one William Adama, I created a Bio Mechanoid capable of supporting superior intellect, this latest model I named Alex Cook. This models pre programmed disposition towards the creative industries led me through many lands until I came to Lampeter University, where I now study Media Production.

I also used to be a Pokemon.

2 Responses to About

  1. Does that currently make you a space cadet? 😉

    • The mind does tend to flit from project to project, rarely giving enough thought to finishing one. Besides you are not the first and won’t be the last to call me a space cadet.

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